AET earmarks latest delivery for MCV conversion

September 21, 2011

AET earmarks latest delivery for MCV conversion

AET earmarks latest delivery for MCV conversion

Eagle Texas, the 61st Aframax to be delivered into AET’s rapidly growing fleet, will be the company’s second tanker to take up duties as a modular capture vessel (MCV).

AET was recently awarded a 20-year contract with Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) to supply two MCVs to provide hydrocarbon capture and containment services for containing a potential future underwater well control incident in the US Gulf of Mexico.

Eagle Texas (107,000dwt) was delivered earlier this month (9 September 2011) from Tsuneishi Shipbuilding and will shortly undergo extensive conversion and modification, at a yard to be announced, before taking up duties in the US Gulf. The Aframax will be fitted out with dynamic positioning technology as well as processing equipment, additional accommodation and other facilities to enable it to take on its containment role, if required. The vessel will remain on standby in the US Gulf region for the duration of the contract but will continue to trade as a standard Aframax tanker when not required for containment duties.

MWCC has 10 members: ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips Shell BP, Apache, Anadarko, BHP Billiton, Statoil and Hess.

The guest of honour at the naming ceremony was Marty Massey, CEO of MWCC. His wife, Pam Massey, took on the role of Lady Sponsor for Eagle Texas.

Presiding over the ceremony, AET President & CEO, Hor Weng Yew remarked:

“MWCC is currently developing an expanded containment response system to capture and contain oil in the event of a potential future underwater well control incident in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Shortly, Eagle Texas and her sister ship, Eagle Louisiana, will undergo conversion to incorporate specially designed equipment that will allow her to serve as a modular capture vessel in the expanded containment response system. It is with a great deal of pride that we commit both vessels to this valuable venture and we would like to thank Mr Massey and his colleagues at MWCC for this opportunity to partner on this important activity.”


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