Over the past 25 years, many AET employees, stakeholders, business customers and partners all over the globe have helped AET to move energy and build a better world. To every single individual,

Thank you! We could not have done it without you!


We have chosen to commemorate our silver anniversary in 2019 with an icon that aligns with our existing branding and acknowledges our maritime heritage and strength.

The blue gradient used in the number 25 mirrors the deepening of our knowledge, capability and experience.

The circular element of the numeral five depicts the globe and the world’s oceans over which the AET eagle soars. Our eagle has been close to our hearts for 25 years and demonstrates the strength, agility and global reach of our teams around the world.

The top section of the numeral five incorporates the prow of an AET tanker, an innovative and modern asset, and a recognisable symbol of our core strength – providing top quality ocean transport for liquid energy.

This icon is a symbol of AET’s progression, strength, leadership and longevity, with focus on the people and assets underpinning present-day AET.