A cohesive community

For every community to function cohesively, it has to centre on a core set of shared values and understandings. These beliefs inform how people behave and the expectations they have of others. It provides a bond between individuals of every age, background and position. In summary, this shared value system creates a unique culture that distinguishes one community from the next.

At AET, our ‘Cultural Beliefs’ sit at the heart of our business, our people, and our service. Our Cultural Beliefs provide us with the momentum we need to achieve our Mission, ‘to be consistently better.’ Our Cultural Beliefs are encapsulated in six simple statements which define who we are, what we value and what we hope to accomplish as individuals united in achieving a shared goal.

We welcome new talent who value these principles:

Results matter – I stretch my limits to deliver superior results

As individuals, we should always seek to try and excel ourselves, by making a concerted effort to perform at our very best and develop both as professionals and members of a team.

Own it! – I own the results and don’t blame others

In our work, as in life, it is important to take ownership of our work and our actions, whether positive or negative, and to concentrate on learning from and sharing our experiences.

Focused execution – I plan, commit and deliver with discipline

As a community spread across borders and oceans, staying true to our commitments, and performing as promised helps us all to work as a united front and achieve the best results.

Nurture trust – I always keep my promise and build mutual trust

Trust is a two-way street which is much harder to earn than it is to lose. We all seek to earn the trust of others through our actions, by staying true to our promises supporting each other and our customers.

Tell me – I seek, give and act positively on feedback

In every relationship, communication is key, which is why we believe in the value of providing open and constructive feedback which helps individuals and teams to develop and perform at their best.

Shared success – I collaborate for the greater good of AET and MISC Group

As our own unique community, all that we do as individuals should deliver on our shared Vision ‘to consistently provide better energy-related solutions and services’.