AET Certified Green Seal Partner

AET marks a milestone in our continuing journey towards environmental sustainability. Our offices at Singapore, London, Houston and Rio are now certified as Green Seal® Green Office Partners.

Green Seal® validates AET’s commitment in promoting sustainability in our offices through focus on waste reduction and recycling, responsible usage of office supplies, training and education.

In 2018, we launched the ‘Ban the Bottle’ campaign as a Group across AET offices, stopping the usage of single-use plastic water bottles. In 2019, we stepped up the drive to minimise single-use plastics through awareness sessions and giving out KeepCups to encourage “Bring Your Own” (BYO) reusable cups campaign.

E-waste collection points were established for proper e-waste management. Customised posters were launched to raise environmental awareness. We also introduced the ‘AET Guide to Environmental Sustainability in Office’ setting the framework to incorporate green programmes and best practices. Green leaders were appointed at each of our offices to champion and support this effort.

Global Director for HR and Facilities, Linda Murray expressed, “The achievement and our commitment to environmental sustainability does not stop here. Moving forward, we will continue to explore ways to improve AET’s environmental footprint”.

AET will continue the efforts in building a better world in 2020 and beyond!