AET champions environmental responsibility by adopting LNG dual fuel for newbuilds

We are proud to announce that up to four of our new Aframax tankers currently under construction with Samsung Heavy Industries Co Ltd (SHI) will be equipped with the LNG dual fuel systems, in line with our continuous commitment towards improving our global environmental footprint. 

AET has been pursuing the Green Sustainable Agenda to control our emissions, particularly the “particulate matters” (PM), sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and Carbon (CO2). Various detailed studies of our past and present fleet operational data have provided definitive results that support this new initiative. We have conducted comprehensive reviews and mapped out expected LNG bunkering infrastructure expansion across strategic locations overlapping our own fleet’s geographical trading areas. This will ensure security of supply and optimum operational efficiency from 2020 onwards. Through our investment in LNG-fuelled ships, this sustainable solution will not only strengthen our resilience to the risks of uncertainty of cost of conventional fuel post 2020 but also positions us as an industry leader, when we take into account the suits of solutions we are able to provide to our customers the last 5 years. 

Our new initiative will promptly flag off with 113,000 dwt vessels due from Quarter 3, 2018 onwards and will replace our existing tonnage as part of our ongoing fleet renewal programme. AET anticipates up to half of our Aframax fleet and other assets will start adopting the LNG dual fuel option over the next few years. They will be able to trade, using LNG for about a month, before refuelling and likely be operating in North America, Northwest Europe and Asia. 

AET’s Green Sustainability Agenda also run congruent with MISC Group’s Vision and Mission, which calls upon for better energy related maritime solutions and services, care for the environment and responsible shipping operations. 

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