AET Connects published online

AET Connects 2019-2020

We have published AET Connects, an annual publication that presents our company and describes our business, strategy and performance in the context of adding value to you, our stakeholders. The publication outlines key developments for AET throughout 2019 and the first quarter of 2020 and describes the key opportunities and challenges we face as a provider of energy-related maritime solutions and services.

“2019 was an exceptionally positive year in terms of new business wins, the development of a new highly efficient green fleet and our expansion into niche and diversified energy shipping solutions. Our reputation for safety, quality and the pursuit of more environmentally sustainable shipping has helped us to develop strong relationships with customers, financial institutions and industry partners,” comments Capt. Rajalingam Subramaniam, President & CEO.

As a business committed to transparency and openness, AET Connects enables us to showcase every aspect of our business, and to explain to each of our stakeholders the measures that we take to protect their interests and provide value. it is our aim that this publication provides a window into our world and evidences how we are doing all that we can to build an ever-more sustainable business.

AET Connects is available in digital format on our website and can be downloaded here. If you would like to request a printed version of the publication, please contact AET Corporate Communications at