AET’s green agenda features on The Motorship

We are pleased to report that AET has been featured in this month’s issue of The Motorship magazine, which focuses on the topics of emissions control and eco-friendly propulsion technologies. In this issue, AET’s LNG dual-fuel system was the main highlight of the article, and we were lauded as a major tanker operator to propagate the industry’s landmark agenda on pursuing gas as marine fuel for the future of commercial shipping. 

The article wrote well of our sustainability agenda praised by many industrial stakeholders, and our action plans that will take us through our ‘ECA 2020’ strategy. In the article, AET President & CEO, Capt. Rajalingam Subramaniam, expressed his confidence in AET in setting us ahead of other operators with similar vessels. 

“Our experience allows us to have confidence that the required infrastructure for LNG bunkering will develop at a pace as we approach 2020, giving much more trading flexibility in the future,” added Capt. Raja in his interview. 

Some of our other prominent action plans were also highlighted by The Motorship. These included our upcoming newbuilds that will be incorporated with LNG dual-fuel system and subsequently replace our existing tonnage as part of our ongoing fleet renewal programme, and our existing environmental measures on our ships that operate SOx scrubbers, utilise ballast water treatment systems and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) management systems. 

Congratulations to our AET team for this amazing global coverage of our eco technology and agenda.