Annual Bankers Engagement

As a group of businesses engaged in providing energy-related maritime solutions and services, MISC Bhd. comprises four main business units: Petroleum and Chemical shipping (AET), LNG (MISC), Marine and Heavy Engineering (MHB), and offshore (OBU). Together, we have a shared Vision, Mission and Strategy for achieving sustainable growth.

MISC Group’s Annual Bankers Engagement events provide each of the MISC Group business units with a forum to present our market outlook, financial position and detailed business strategy with financial stakeholders from regional and multinational banks. In September, MISC Group hosted a 2018 Bankers Meet in both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, with a total of more than 100 representatives from the financial community attending.

Representing AET, President & CEO Capt. Rajalingam Subramaniam, reaffirmed our commitment to all stakeholders, including customers and finance partners worldwide, and relayed the company’s sustainable growth strategy.Capt. Raja showcased how, in challenging market conditions, AET has the discipline to make investments with key partners for mutually beneficial outcomes and high quality returns.

He shared that AET is working to maintain secured income by operating a broad vessel portfolio which includes vessels on long-term fixed charters, alongside a range of specialist assets (MCVs, DPSTs and others), as well as engaging in pooling and other solutions for asset classes requiring incremental scale or scalable solutions. This is also key to ensuring that we do not, as a responsible vessel owner, add unnecessary extra capacity to the market, while working to meet our customers’ changing needs. For additional flexibility, we also maintain a number of vessels on spot and short-term charters.

Leveraging AET’s more than US$3billion asset base and fleet of more than 100 commercially managed vessels, Capt. Raja detailed how AET is a commercially and operationally sound business looking to the future. Solid internal risk assessment procedures, a high-quality income portfolio, prudent financial discipline and continued investment in strategic relationships across our global business being key priorities for us.

The MISC Group Bankers Meet confirmed that AET is fortunate in being able to draw upon the strength, experience and support of a family of related businesses working toward a shared goal. Collectively, it is the drive toward sustainability that will define how we work into the future. This will ensure that AET is best placed to meet the changing needs of our customers, partners, shareholders and staff, as well as the environment we work within.