Annual Review now available online

We are pleased to share that AET’s Annual Review has been published and can be viewed in digital format on our new website. The report details key developments for AET throughout 2018 and the first quarter of 2019, and outlines the opportunities and challenges we face as a provider of energy-related maritime solutions and services. This 25th Anniversary edition also charts our history and sets out our intentions for the future of AET.

As a responsible tanker owner and operator, we recognise that the transportation of energy by sea carries a wide range of risks. Our Annual Review details how we seek to minimise risk across our business and operations, and how we deliver value to each of our stakeholder groups. Here we also provide a full update on our fleet profile, an overview of our financial position and outline of our plans for meeting ambitious greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets over the coming decades.

AET Executive Leadership team, summarises: “2018 was a year of positive progress despite a challenging external environment. Like all shipping companies, we faced geopolitical uncertainties, cuts in global oil production resulting in reduced sea borne crude transportation and a general tonnage oversupply.

“Our task was to face these challenges head-on and not let them distract us from our mission to consistently provide better energy-related maritime solutions and services. This is at the heart of our corporate strategy and we are confident that we managed to further that aim throughout 2018, and will continue to deliver value to our customers and partners.”

We hope that you find the Annual Review interesting. Should you be interested in receiving a hard-copy of the report, please contact AET Corporate Communications at You may also view the PDF copy here.