Driving eco-efficient shipping with our LNG dual-fuel DPSTs

Eagle Balder, one of our first LNG dual-fuel Dynamic Positioning shuttle tankers (DPSTs) among the cleanest DPSTs ever built and equipped with VRU (VOC recovery unit), “crossed path” with one of our other DPSTs, Eagle Barents outside Bergen City in Norway. As Eagle Barents had just safely completed the offloading of cargo, Eagle Balder was waited to go next to offload its cargo.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have two LNG dual-fuel DPSTs, Eagle Balder and Eagle Blane operating in the North and Barents Seas in addition to two conventional DPSTs, Eagle Barents and Eagle Bergen. Both Eagle Balder and Eagle Blane are delivering smooth operations, meeting the charterer’s expectations for safe and sustainable shipping.

Being one of the first movers in LNG dual-fuel vessels, we are continuously collaborating with our customers and industry partners on more eco-efficient shipping solutions in our ambition to align with IMO 2030 strategy.