Ensuring Compliance in Challenging Times

At a time of global crisis such as this, we will all face new risks, new challenges and unprecedented change in the months ahead, but we must also stay true to our values and continue to uphold the highest standards of best practice.

At AET, we follow our Group Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE) framework which ensures that all of our business operations are carried out with the upmost integrity. Our CoBE provides the management processes, procedures and policies that guide our work including guidelines of behaviour and best practice that we live by. Importantly, they make clear the expectations we have of every single employee and partner.

These policies cover Conflict of Interest, Competition and Anti-Trust, Gifts and Corporate Hospitality, Modern Slavery and Corporate Privacy, to name a few. We have also implemented the General Data Protection Act (GDPA) across our global business, and always ascribe to the most rigorous legal and compliance frameworks, including the UK Bribery Act. Ensuring that these policies are understood is a key part of the work of our global human resources and management teams.

Through our CoBE and a range of supporting initiatives, we are able to continuously embed business ethics and rules of ethical conduct within our business, which is closely monitored through the delivery of online training and testing for all employees, alongside stringent monitoring and reporting of operations. Recognising that this is about people and behaviours, we also have a comprehensive Compliance and Ethics Programme which reinforces our commitment to integrity in all aspects of our business.

We recognise the weight of responsibility put on employees to meet a wide range of policies and take very seriously the need to allocate time to understanding policies and procedures, to digesting what they mean and how they apply to specific roles. We allocate training time for this, and continuously review and re-train all staff so that these policies and procedures become behaviours and beliefs. It is this commitment to compliance and business ethics that will ensure that whatever the risks or challenges, we will always perform to the highest standards.