Making a difference in vulnerable communities in the UK and the Philippines

We continued our global COVID-19 donation campaign by partnering again with The Felix Project and Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP).

Our contribution to The Felix Project funded the redistribution of fresh surplus food to prepare around 96,000 meals for vulnerable community members in London. At the handover event at our London office, our colleagues also learned more about the charity, its operations and how the foodbank is helping to reduce food wastage.

Whilst in the Philippines, over 1,700 severely impacted families received food packs with fresh and dried goods translating into over 180,000 meals. 300 local farmers, fishermen and sewer families also received much needed income from the produce they provided for these food packs. The handover event was attended by colleagues from Eaglestar who also learned more about PBSP’s work.

We remain committed to supporting communities around our offices to make a positive difference and give back to society to “build a better world”.