Marking 1,000 days LTIF-free

With a fleet of 98 vessels and a range of highly complex operations being undertaken worldwide every day, ensuring the safety of our people, vessels, cargoes and surroundings requires a collective effort. As an organisation, this is our paramount consideration.

Achieving the highest levels of safety across all aspects of our work takes careful planning, enforcement of stringent rules and regulations, as well as rigorous and routine monitoring of our operations, procedures, equipment and working conditions.

It is also about maintaining a working culture that always puts safety first and recognising the good work of our team in achieving significant safety milestones – like AET’s Offshore team (AETO) having recently achieved 1,000 consecutive days of zero Lost Time to Injury (LTIF).

This equates to 1.2 million manhours!

This is a considerable achievement for any shipping organisation, and particularly impressive given the size of our fleet and the complex operations undertaken by the AET Offshore team in Galveston. This result has been achieved thanks to the hard work, diligence and care shown day-in and day-out by our teams on board and ashore.

The 1,000 days LTIF-free record has also been enabled thanks to a long-term strategic roadmap charted between the AET Offshore and HSSE teams, to create a robust framework for enhancing safety. Under this roadmap, Quarterly Mooring Master meetings have been held, and a ‘Check and Balance Policy’ has been introduced for all ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations.

We look forward to celebrating many more safety milestones as we work towards maintaining our ultimate safety goal – HSSE Goal Zero: zero injuries, zero incidents and zero negative impact on people and the environment.