The Value of Diversity

Our people are our greatest asset and as a global business, we champion a diverse and inclusive working environment. With more than 200 shore staff across seven locations, our workforce comprises individuals of 20 different nationalities, and reflects a gender representation of 44% female out of shore staff. Across our organisation, we have made a concerted effort to instil the principles of diversity and inclusion into our cultural beliefs, and to create an environment where every individual feels included. We believe that these efforts have contributed significantly to achieving a retention rate of high performing staff of 90% (throughout 2019) and have enabled us to develop a global team that represents diversity in all its forms.

This diversity is the key to driving innovation at AET. We focus on attracting, training and retaining talent based on a system of meritocracy, where people reach their posts based on their capabilities, but we also follow hiring and people management practices which promote inclusiveness. For example, our Talent Development Committee brings together a broad group to input on selection and recruitment, promotions, and development. This way we have a diverse range of perspectives in decision making processes and ensure that every individual is treated equally and held to the same standards.

This culture of supporting diversity and inclusion is also a critical component in ensuring we enable every individual to achieve their personal best. It ensures that we create an environment where multiple voices are heard, where all opinions are valued and considered. This requires structural support and management processes which formalise diversity and inclusion as cultural components within our organisation. Where possible, we also benchmark our diversity performance against industry frameworks, including the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI), which utilises a standardised Gender Reporting Framework to collect data from public corporations worldwide.

Linda Murray, Global Director, Human Resources and Facilities, AET, explains:

“The definition of inclusion at AET is being mindful of differences – not just the visible ones, but styles, perspectives and ways of working too. Our workforce reflects diversity in all its forms, and so understanding and embracing differences is imperative to working together. This is not always a given, which is why formal training to help people become self-aware and to understand unconscious biases is so beneficial.”

In collaboration with Duke Corporate Education, our Diversity and Inclusion Training Programme is completed by every employee, and covers topics including unconscious biases, diversity and inclusion and awareness and courage. The programme is aimed at equipping every employee, at every level, with the ability to recognise the value of diversity and inclusion, to understand how it manifests in their work, and to give them courage to call out when these principles are not being respected. In doing so, they demonstrate inclusivity, promote diversity, and can better serve our customers.