WaterAid: A Sprinkle of Hope

The joy and happiness of Refi, 12 years old (on the left) and his friend, Emile, 12, bathing with fresh and clean water from the water supply line. Ambohibary village, Madagascar (credit WaterAid/ Ernest Randriarimalala)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral factor which helps businesses progress in the corporate world by benefitting the social, economic, and ecological domains they operate within. As a global organisation, AET serves a broad and diverse range of communities, and has a proud tradition of committing resources towards enabling and encouraging employees to pursue charitable endeavours, as well as to engage in community service. This includes allocating in-office hours for employees to pursue charitable initiatives, in empowering teams to support causes close-to-home.

We believe that when people are empowered to do good, everyone benefits. AET’s CSR strategy is wide-ranging and seeks to combine organisation-initiated efforts alongside employee-led initiatives. It outlines a comprehensive plan of events and opportunities over the next five years that will help AET as a business to give back to the communities we work within and rely upon. This includes nurturing opportunities for locals – primarily through internships, education, and training programmes which encourage people to pursue careers in the maritime industry – and spearheading fundraising activities, such as beach clean-ups and charity runs, for local and global not-for-profit organisations.

Honouring our commitment towards environmental sustainability, we, at AET, also leverage on our position as an industry leader to raise awareness amongst wider stakeholder groups as well as our industry peers about the fragility of the marine environment, and measures shipping companies can adopt in the fight to tackle climate change and environmental degradation.

For the duration of our CSR strategy, AET’s principal charity is WaterAid – the world’s leading clean water non-profit organisation. Since it was established in 1981, WaterAid has empowered more than 25 million people with clean water and provided more than 25 million people with reliable toilets, but there are still many more people worldwide who have yet to benefit from its programmes.

To mark the launch of our updated CSR strategy as part of our 25th anniversary in 2019, AET’s teams worldwide are taking on the challenge to collectively clock 25,000 kilometres – the total distance between AET’s worldwide offices – and raise US$25,000 for WaterAid. As a testament to our staff’s passion, dedication, and fervent support for this noble cause, we have successfully raised US$27,041 and travelled over 28,700 kilometres around the world! We wish to thank our business partners, families and friends who have supported in our CSR endeavour to build a better world. The funds we raised will transform the lives of more than 1,000 families currently without access to clean water.