As a leading provider of shipping solutions that meet the world’s evolving energy needs, AET has a unique opportunity and responsibility to transport energy across the world while maintaining a balance between sustainability, affordability and reliability.

Zahid Osman

“Sustainability is a fundamental part of the value proposition we bring to our stakeholders and is our social license to operate. Our sustainability strategy is geared to deliver positive environmental, social and economic benefits and produce tangible results that help AET, our customers and communities contribute towards our broader ESG goals. These ESG goals are described under our strategy’s five pillars which are Environment, Social, Financial, Governance and Stakeholder Engagement.”

President & CEO


We are committed to growing our businesses to become one of the world’s most sustainable energy related maritime solutions and services providers. Our mission is to deliver long-term stakeholder value by operating safely, sustainably and responsibly to create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our Sustainability Strategy supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) by prioritising 11 key goals that are aligned with the organisation’s business objectives and sustainability framework.

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We develop our sustainability agenda to address concerns that matter most to both our internal and external stakeholders.

Hence, obtaining feedback on matters deemed material to our key stakeholders and responding to this feedback is a central element of our sustainability management approach as part of our Stakeholder Engagement Pillar.


Strong governance is critical to long-term business success. We are committed to creating value for all our stakeholders and establishing rigorous governance that extends beyond mere compliance with principles and procedures.

Our sustainability governance frameworks are transparent and integrated throughout the organisation and our Board of Directors exercises stringent control over AET’s sustainability strategy and performance.

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