Built upon firm foundations, we are anchored by our purpose of “Moving Energy to Build a Better World’’ and guided by our commitment to developing greener energy shipping solutions to protect the world’s blue oceans.

“For AET, we see Sustainability as the responsibility of everyone in the industry and we do not believe in sitting on the side lines but acting now and not later to contribute to a resilient maritime industry. We continue to drive our purposeful sustainability agenda across our business whilst ensuring we run a financially sustainable business with a responsibility to our planet, our communities, and future generations.”

President & CEO

STRATEGY 2021-2025

As a responsible ship-owner and operator, Sustainability is a crucial component of our business strategy and daily operations. It comprises how we operate our company, handle our people, reduce our impact on the environment and our surroundings, and create value for our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Strategy consists of five pillars of Environment, Social, Governance, Financial and Stakeholder Engagement. Each pillar has strategic priorities which are further implemented through strategic initiatives. Our Sustainability Strategy is aligned to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).

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Impacts, risks and opportunities in relation to the environmental, social, governance and economic contexts within which an organisation operates are increasingly becoming part of the license to operate for companies worldwide.

Our materiality analysis helps us identify the financial, social, governance, and environmental issues critical to our company and our stakeholders.


Sustainability governance at AET helps us to implement the Sustainability Strategy across the business, manage reporting processes, and ensure overall accountability.

For AET, the Board guides on our Sustainability policies, goals, and long-term targets. The Board is supported by the Executive Leadership Team chaired by the CEO, and Corporate Sustainability Team acts as a focal point for implementation and tracking of the Sustainability Strategy supported by other Custodians and teams.