As a leader in sustainable energy shipping solutions, we are committed to improve our environmental footprint and deliver safe, high-quality services to the world’s energy companies, refineries and traders.


The safety of our people, our ships and their cargoes sits at the very top of our corporate agenda. Our ‘Goal Zero’ policy both at sea and onshore drives us towards the over-arching aspiration of zero accidents, incidents or spills.

Our operations are fully compliant with all statutory, industry, customer and vetting requirements, and we welcome new regulations that allow us to optimise safety and environmental performance across the maritime industry.

Peak safety and performance quality levels are achieved by our talented pool of people at sea and ashore.  


Protection of the natural environment is extremely important to us and our customers, hence we have an active programme in place to ensure that new tonnage joining our fleet is significantly kinder to the planet than the vessels they replace. In 2019, we took delivery of our first LNG dual-fuel Aframax tankers – Eagle Brasilia and Eagle Bintulu and launched two of the world’s first LNG dual-fuel dynamic positioning shuttle tankers Eagle Blane and Eagle Balder.

Our commitment to managing the environmental footprint of each of our vessels goes beyond emissions control measures, by adopting a wide range of onboard eco-innovations and technology to maximise fuel efficiency and reduce impact on the surrounding environment both at sea and on shore, working towards IMO 2030 decarbonisation threshold.


Our people drive our organisation. We are committed to hiring and retaining the highest-quality, skilled and experienced teams to match our business needs.

We value the diversity of our people of over 20 nationalities, and believe a cosmopolitan workforce fosters greater innovation, helps us better understand and serve our customers, and empowers our people to deliver their best.

As an equal-opportunities employer, we embrace gender diversity with women making up almost 50% of our enigmatic global workforce.


AT AET, we conduct our business with high ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant laws. Together with our stakeholder MISC, we subscribe to the Group’s Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (CoBE).

Our CoBE provides the framework for enhancement and monitoring of good business ethics and ensuring our business operations are carried out with the upmost integrity.

As our business continues to grow, AET also expects our business partners performing work or services for or on behalf of AET to comply with the relevant parts of the CoBE when performing such work or services. In particular, the CoBE expressly prohibits improper solicitation, bribery, corrupt activity and non-compliance not only by employees and directors but also by third parties performing work or services for or on our behalf.

Our policies

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics (Portuguese)

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Manual

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy Statement

Gift and Corporate Hospitality Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Competition and Anti-Trust Policy

Modern Slavery Policy

Modern Slavery Policy Statement

Whistleblowing Policy

AET Corporate Privacy Policy Statement



As a global company, we are committed to playing a responsible role to create and promote a positive difference on communities. While we are global in nature, we give back to the local communities in which we live, work and play – with the aim to contribute to longer-term, sustainable improvements in these communities.

We believe that serving our communities is not only integral as a good corporate citizen but it is also part of our individual responsibility as members of society, as well as the wider maritime community.

2020 COVID-19 CSR donation: This year in view of the pandemic, we focus on our global AET COVID-19 CSR donation campaign which was launched with a first handover to the Migrant Workers Centre in Singapore in August. This special contribution will provide around 200 beneficiaries three cooked meals per day for a month while others will benefit from dry food packs. Our employees also contributed of over 75 packs of food and essential items to make a small difference to migrant workers in need. Contributions to food programmes of registered national/local charities in India and the Philippines where there is an appreciable shipping industry sea faring presence are also following through 2020 to support COVID-19 impacted vulnerable communities in locations where we operate.

Education: As part of our aspiration to drive sustainability across every aspect of our business including talent development, we seek to continually enhance the education of the younger generation in the maritime industry. We extend our MaritimeONE Scholarship 2020 to a female Maritime Business Diploma student at the Singapore Maritime Academy through the Singapore Maritime Foundation. Our initiative will support both the awardee’s education journey with a scholarship and a six-month internship opportunity with AET. We are committed to nurture and equip young talents with the skills necessary to navigate at our workplace. Especially with the global pandemic situation, we are looking to do more for the communities where we are based.

2019 Travels The World CSR campaign: In 2019, we embarked on the AET Travels The World CSR campaign and encouraged employees to travel 25,000km and raise US$25,000 to promote awareness for WaterAid in honour of our 25th Anniversary.

Employee engagement forms an important aspect of our community investment approach. Over the years, our staff have participated in numerous initiatives ranging from charity fundraising marathon runs to prepping meals for the needy, collecting goods for the distribution to those less fortunate and beach cleaning.


At AET, we thrive on creating and maintain long-term effective partnerships. By working alongside our customers and business partners in fully understanding their goals and aspirations, this allows us to continually reshape our fleet and build on our capabilities. We aim to progress our customer relationships from reactive to intuitive, so that our solutions remain innovative, effective and aligned with our customers’ evolving activities.

We create value solutions by leveraging the capabilities of our commercial and technical teams to drive multiple and long-term projects for our customers.

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