Remarkable experience onboard Bunga Kasturi Enam

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Our interns Siti Alyssha and Pravinram recently visited Bunga Kasturi Enam — our VLCC docked at Changi Anchorage in Singapore. While onboard, they visited the pump room, engine room, bridge and sheltered safety point which they described as an eye-opening experience. 

“Being onboard was exhilarating as I never thought that I would get this opportunity. I even had the chance to speak to the Captain and crew which was extremely insightful. Overall, it was an excellent learning experience. From their sharing, I got a glimpse of how life was like out at sea!” Pravin shared.

“Witnessing the breath-taking view of the vessel up close was remarkable! Thanks to Captain Ruan Wei and Capt. Zaw Min, we were able to learn about the vessel’s operations which was an incredibly valuable learning journey,” added Alyssha, who is also an AET-MaritimeOne scholarship recipient.